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Basic Static Website

The most common type of business website

Get your business online

As one of the most common type of business websites, a static site can range from a single page layout to multiple pages of content. Static sites are perfect if you have content that will rarely need to change. Many businesses use this type of site to have an online presence and incorporate what they offer and contact information. Static websites are usually the most economical depending on how many pages and how much content you need incorporated. Many will start with a static site, and add a blog afterwards to help drive traffic to their site.


Sell your products or services online

Your online marketplace

E-commerce sites can be very rewarding, especially after you make that first online sale! If you are tired of paying a percentage of your profits to other online marketplaces for selling your products, your own e-commerce site would be your next step. Whether you sell just a hand full of products, or thousands, e-commerce sites can display your products beautifully and organize them in a way that’s easy for your customers to find what they want. E-commerce sites can range in price greatly depending on the features and content.


Blog for business or pleasure

Be a blogger!

Blogs are becoming more and more popular everyday. Many businesses are opting to add blogs to their pages in order to help drive web traffic to their site. In fact, companies that blog will drive approximately 55% more traffic to their website. We can add a blog to your business website, or set it up as a blogging site alone so you can share your personal interests and passions with the world. We will help you navigate an administrative area where you can add content to your blog anytime you’d like. A great way to bring out the writer in yourself!


Build your own online community

Moderate your own forum

Chances are, at some point in time you’ve either read, or posted in a forum of some kind. If you’re passionate about something like cars, parenting, tools, woodworking etc. you can build your own online community by moderating a forum about that topic. Forums, like blogs, will help drive traffic to a website but will also require you to have some tech savvy skills as you will be accessing and moderating your forum from an administrative back end. Many companies add a forum to their site to have discussions related to the business.


Display your photography or artwork beautifully

Display your masterpieces

Ahh portfolios, we love them! Perhaps it’s getting to see the creative work of others that is so enjoyable. Whether you’re a photographer, an artist, a model or an athlete, and you want to display your work or images – a portfolio is for you. The images are the highlight of the site to display your masterpieces, and you can add your own images anytime. Choose to have a blog integrated into your portfolio website so you can blog about your new works of art or photographs and share them on social media.


Make a statement

We design beautiful logos

If you don’t already have a logo for your company, we would love to work with you and design one that you can use on your website, or for print. Your logo represents what your company is about. It should be creative, unique and memorable – afterall, you will be using it on your website and all of your marketing materials. Let us help you design something you can be proud of. We will take the ideas you have for a logo and design some mock-ups for you to review and make changes as necessary until you are completely satisfied.

Domains and Hosting

We can get take your website from start to finish

Simplify getting your website up and running

To get your website live on the web, you will require a domain name (the www part) and also a hosting plan. We believe it makes the process easier for you when we take care of the domain and hosting as well. We offer great hosting plans, and can get great deals on domain names as well. When they come up for renewal, we will send you a bill with the renewal costs and will renew them both for you. Easy breezy. Our hosting is extremely reliable so you can be confident your website will always be up and running.

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We do lots of different types of websites, just let us know what you need!

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Why Choose Mod Designs?

  • Our client’s needs come first, we work together with you to ensure you’re fully satisfied with the end result
  • We design creative and unique websites that will represent you or your business perfectly
  • Our websites are responsive, which means they will look great on any screen size
  • All websites are SEO (search engine optimized to ensure they will be easily found by search engines
  • We can arrange domain purchases, renewals and hosting plans to minimize the hassle for you

What Can Your Website Do For You?

  • Automatic email marketing
  • Blog subscription with email notifications of new posts to subscribers
  • Newsletter development and subscription
  • Optional log in for clients, staff or members to access privileged content
  • Ability to upload or download files to and from website
  • Much, much more! Tell us what you need from your website

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