The question is not what you can do for your website, but rather, what can your website do for you?  When thinking about getting a website up on the web, you may consider all the content you want available to your potential customers – but if that’s all the website is doing for you, then you are sadly missing out.  Today’s websites not only have the ability to provide many features on the frontend, but also, so so many time and money saving features on the backend as well.

A perfect example of this, is a website I designed recently for a non-profit nursery school.  Sure, they had a website.  It unfortunately, was not only a poor representation of what the school had to offer, but was in my opinion, poorly designed with zero personalization or thought put in about how it would serve (or in this case, not serve) the many needs of the school.  For those of you not familiar with how a non-profit works – it is run mainly by volunteers taking time out of their own busy schedules to run the show.  Having a website that could save them time is something that was high on my priority list while designing their new site.

The previous site was pretty plain Jane in design with a few pages that all looked the same and a couple of links to printable documents.  Unfortunately, the board members (volunteers) had nothing but problems trying to update anything on the site from the back end.  It really wasn’t user friendly.

I then designed them this site: .  Take a quick look.


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What I love most about this website, is not what you see from the frontend, but instead, all the functionality it has on the backend for the parents and board members of the school.  The parents and board members change from year to year, but they all need access to certain private information that you wouldn’t want accessible by the general public.  Up until now, they were emailing or printing forms, documents, monthly newsletters, announcements, class schedules, contact lists, and the list goes on…for EACH and EVERY parent and board member…EVERY MONTH.  Wow, what a ton of work and hours for these volunteers!

I knew the website not only had to look good and showcase how great the school is, but also have a ton of functionality as well as help to streamline some of their processes.  So I created a private password protected page for parents, and another for board members.  This allowed us to include countless documents on those pages that can be easily changed and updated.  No more emailing or printing everything under the sun.  They also have a spiffy new newsletter feature which can be pre-drafted, post dated, and automatically sent out to their email list.  A group chat functionality was added to the parent page so that they can real time chat with other parents, or ask for help covering off their duty days at the school.  Another group chat was added to the board member page which, if they choose, can take the place of monthly face to face meetings as it allows uploading of documents.  They also have an events calendar integrated on the back end that will allow public events to show on the front end of the site, and private events and meetings to show only on to the people associated with the school.  Not to mention a lovely new blog that they can utilize to show off all the fun they have with those adorable kids.

The changes to this website will save them literally hundreds of volunteer hours.  It was truly a pleasure to help this non-profit build a website that allows them to run more efficiently with a design they can feel proud of.  The features on this site are just the tip of the iceberg for the type of functionality that today’s websites can provide.  If you are spending too many man hours dealing with administrative duties, contact me, and let me show you all the ways your website can help you.

What has your website done for you lately?

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