1. They look cookie cutter and Mickey Mouse.  Think of a time that you’ve browsed some websites to find a product, service, or information.  The look and feel of a website tells you immediately whether you want to trust the information or company you are obtaining from that site.  Not to mention that your website looks the same as probably 1000 others with the exception of a few colours.  First impressions are everything, if you’re not willing to put some effort into a quality website, what type of effort will you put into the service you provide?

2. They are not search engine friendly.  Majority of DIY websites use Flash and flash is outdated in the website world.  Google does not recommend using a Flash based website for search engine optimization.  Isn’t the point of having your own website to help drive traffic to your site even while you sleep?

3. It shows lack of seriousness about your business.  “Oh hi there, thanks for your interest in my product…yes, I do have a website, just go to www.somecompany.com/myusername/5346″.  Seriously?  Would you shop at www.somecompany.com/amazon? No, of course not.  How serious is a business about their company if they can’t even get their own domain.  Not to mention the lack of branding associated with not having your own business related domain.

4.  They’re slow loading.  DIY websites are so overloaded with graphics and data, they become extremely slow loading.  What do you do when a website you’re visiting takes longer than say, 7 seconds to load? You leave, that’s what you do.

5. You get no support.  It’s Sunday and you realize something is wrong with your website and your customers you’ve worked so hard to get to your self built website (because they certainly didn’t find it through Google – see #2) can’t access your information.  A good web designer (ah hem…like us, for example) would bust our butt to figure out the issue and get it up and running in a timely manner.  DIY website builders do not offer the same type of personalized support.  But you’re more than welcome to sit and wait while you listen to this lovely elevator music…

6. Ongoing monthly costs.  If you’re planning on having a website for more than a year or two (I would hope any business owner would have that plan) you are going to pay more in that 2 years for a DIY website than you would to have your own custom website designed along with your own domain name.  Aside from domain and hosting costs which have an annual renewal, once you have a website designed – the costs are done.  No monthly fees.  Some DIY websites are charging $20-$30 per month!  Please don’t throw your money in the garbage.  Please.

7. Advertising.  As if it weren’t bad enough that you are trying to run a professional business and are using a DIY site builder domain name and YOUR business as a username, but on top of that, that DIY site builder is plastering it’s name and possibly other advertising all over your business page.

If you’re trying to run a business that you want people to take seriously – we urge you, do NOT use a DIY site builder.  Nothing spells tacky like a bad first impression.