First and foremost, thanks for visiting the site! Let me introduce myself, because I hate not knowing the face behind the website, so I won’t do that to you.  I am Meghan, owner and founder of Mod Designs, and rural resident of the beautiful Milton, Ontario.

( That’s me, with my wonderful and supportive better half!)meandd

As an entrepreneur with a strong sales and marketing background, and a flare for creative design, my love of website design fell into my lap while designing a site for a previous business I owned.  From there, I dabbled and designed sites for friends and family in between having 2 children.  Before I knew it, web design had become a full blown passion.  But, it wasn’t just about designing a unique and interesting website. Part of the passion was helping small businesses find success, in part, because of the sites I had designed for them, and the online marketing strategies that I had helped them with.

It is my hope, that in creating this blog, I will be able to help more companies not only create the website of their dreams, but also provide helpful tips, articles and advice so that they can navigate the sometimes overwhelming digital marketing era that we find ourselves in today. I hope you’ll continue to follow the Mod Blog and interact with me about your thoughts (please be nice and try not to make me cry).  Follow me on Facebook too, because sometimes….juuuust sometimes, I hold contests for free design services…but shhhh, I didn’t tell you that.